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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day 5 of Self-Care Challenge: Affirmations

Today's challenge is to write 3 affirmations for yourself and post them around your house in visible locations. My affirmations are listed below. Pictures to follow.

1) You've got this. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself that whatever you're going through, you can handle it.

2) "When they go low, we go high." ~ Michelle Obama Sometimes you need to remind yourself not to stoop to the level of your critics, "haters", etc. There will always be people who try to take a shot at you, but that doesn't mean you have to fire back. Say nothing and you can take comfort in knowing you took the moral high road. Handle yourself with grace and poise. Be a role model for your students.

3) Be someone you would be proud to know. I think of my professional learning network on Twitter, the people that I met during work and internship, and some of the people I met at my first job as a school counselor and I am proud to know them. They are amazing and inspirational people. I hope one day I can establish a school counseling program and successfully attain RAMP. I may never be School Counselor of the Year, but it's always nice to strive for it. At the very least, I want my students to think I'm the best school counselor in the world. Not because they don't know any other counselors, but because I do the best job I can as a counselor. I make an effort to be approachable and available to students, staff, and parents and work hard to establish rapport with them. I strive to have strong values, morals, and work ethic. I try to always keep law and ethics in mind and I'm always looking for relevant professional development opportunities. I want to push myself to grow as a counselor and as an educational professional. You're never done learning and there is always room for improvement. Even with room for me to improve, I'm definitely someone I would be proud to know.

Bonus: Take Time for Yourself. I read an article recently, maybe featured on Edutopia, where the author reminded readers that airline staff tell us to put on our masks before helping children/ others. S/he compared taking time for self-care to putting on our masks first. Putting on my mask first goes against my instincts. I put others before myself all the time. Maybe it just seems selfish to put yourself before others. But I also understand that if you don't take care of yourself before you help others, you won't be around to help anyone else.

This summer, I've been catching up on reading my ASCA School Counselor Magazines. I read an article from Carolyn Stone about setting boundaries for responding to email outside of work hours. All year I allowed staff and parents to make me feel like I needed to answer emails instantly, sometimes late at night. What I really needed to do was establish boundaries and an expected response time (48-72 hours is what Russell Sabella suggested in another article). Sometimes I just need to say "no" and learn to be okay with it. I need to remind myself that taking care of myself outside of work hours will make me a better counselor when I am at work.

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