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Sunday, February 19, 2017

First Grade Flight School Lesson

In October, all my lessons were about accepting ourselves for the things that make us unique and accepting differences in others/ valuing diversity. This was because Unity Day happens in October. Last year I bought a book called Flight School by Lita Judge. It's a cute story about a penguin who wants to fly even though penguins can't fly. In the end, his flight instructors promise to teach ALL birds to fly. I talked to the kids about how the penguin was determined and that it is an important trait that makes penguin unique.

After reading the story, students went back to their seats. They wrote things they are good at or what makes them special on the four feathers on the bottom of their worksheet. Many students struggled with this. I may have to alter the activity next year. It was hard for them to write what they're good at or what makes them special because they didn't know how to spell. There wasn't enough time for students to cut out their feathers and cut out the penguin to glue the feathers on the penguin's flippers as I had planned. Instead, I waited until everyone finished writing at least one thing down. Then each student shared one thing that makes them special.

While I love the story and I think it fits in well with the message of accepting others despite our differences and valuing diversity, I don't think the activity worked. I think I will need to modify the activity in the future or come up with a new activity entirely.

Leader in Me Inspiration
The habit that most closely relates to accepting differences and valuing diversity is Habit 5- Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood. Students are required to listen to their peer's share what makes them special and unique. They are asked to refrain from making negative comments that might upset others. The goal to the activity is to have students understand and accept others so that others will understand and accept them despite any differences they may have with one another.

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